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GripTech Trading L.L.C is established in continuity with Reborn Trading LLC. with the aim to achieve smart performance for general trading and maintenance. We aim to standing at the forefront to push our boundaries and providing the finest products of prime and ample choices. We have strong experience in the trading and supply of hardware appliances and miscellaneous offerings. We serve in the market of hardware, electricals, machinery, sanitary and plumbing, food chemicals, HVAC systems. paint works and maintenance electrical and mechanical works. We have therefore positioned a niche in the different marketplaces with achieving our clients and customer satisfaction.

“Our Journey is extraordinary with a vision to provide service across broad destinations and achieving specific milestones.”

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At GripTech Trading L.L.C, we take pride in our service of dealing with best brands and improving our standards. Staying coherent with our basics and improved practice standards, we provide best solutions and services for our customers.

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